This week, Aborted frontman Sven 'Svencho' de Caluwé announced a few changes in the band's lineup; unexpected changes that were not preceded by weeks of public venom and online vitriol. He just decided to make some adjustments. Oh, and the new band's already recorded new material.

The death metal act will now feature Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren on drums, Whorecore's Eran Segal, Abigail Williams' Ken Sorceron on guitar and System Divide's Cole Martinez on bass. The refurbished Aborted will issue a five-track EP called 'Coronary Reconstruction,' which will be released digitally before year's end.

"The band always had to deal with numerous lineup changes and this time it is no different. Previous drummer Dan left to play for Trigger the Bloodshed and bass player Svenchi left to focus on his recording studio he just opened," says de Caluwé. "After a tough year with major differences in how the band should evolve musically, and the touring plans of the band, I decided working with Peter and BST would simply not work and move along with new people who are thinking in the same direction and are motivated to lift this band up.

"I still do this band for fun and it is intended to be intense, and a hobby to me, and I do not have expectations to make a living solely from playing death metal as I am realistic that touring 10 months a year with a band like Aborted is simply a financial hazard," he continues. "Everyone in the new lineup is aware of this and have been personal friends of mine for nearly a decade."

But guitarist BST claims he didn't know he was out. "Towards the end of our participation in the band, both Peter [Goemaere] and myself did lose the motivation to lift the band up, but we did have that motivation when we joined," he offers. "And I don't need anyone to teach me that extreme metal isn't something that will make you rich. However, the way Aborted is ran made four members extremely poor. Guess which ones? That would be the ones that left. Some decisions were made that were not to everyone's benefit and it lead to loads of disagreements."

BST says he'd told de Caluwé that he needed to think some things through, and thinks "it would have been a nice mark of respect from him towards people who have been working with him for a couple years to NOTIFY them they were out, instead of me learning the news through a guy from a band we toured with, for example. Some people have no idea what manners are, it seems... Not that it surprises me at all in that particular case."

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