Symphonic black metallers Abigail Williams are currently writing new material. Band leader Ken Sorceron -- who is currently dwelling in blue collar Pittsburgh while writing blackened metal, after a brief stint in New York City -- told Noisecreep, "So far, the new music is less symphonic sounding, but there is a song that is way over the top symphonic black metal, even more so than in the past. But it's not whole songs covered in keyboards, like much of our old s---. It's more guitar-driven, too, with thrashy riffs." He also claims there will be some "Celtic Frost-type s---" on there, too.

The band will tour with God Dethroned in late September and then reignite the writing process. "We're going to take a few months off to continue writing and recording for the new album," Sorceron continued. "I feel it will move quickly. I doubt it'll be done when we go out with Nile in January, but I have a month scheduled after the tour for us to finish it, so it should be done by early next year."

Sorceron, who has moved around a bit, is enjoying his time in the Steel City, saying, "Our keyboardist lives here so it's a good set up for practicing and it's a central location since not everyone lives in the same state." He says he is used to moving around, as he grew up changing locations often. "It'd be weird for me not to move around. I go when it's time to go. I experience a lot of places," he said.