A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon recently sat down to select his top 10 favorite songs for Noisecreep, a list that may surprise some of the band's fans. From prog to pop, the Ocala, Fla. native's picks show the depth of his musical taste, which, as he says, is ever-changing.

"My top 10 songs tend to change throughout the year, but this is a pretty accurate list as of right now," he says. A Day to Remember are currently on tour with Silverstein in support of their third album, 'Homesick.'

10) Veara: 'Everything to Lose'

I actually produced this band's record, 'What We Left Behind,' so I'm probably a bit biased, but I love this record. It comes out on May 24. Check it out!

9) Lifetime: 'Just a Quiet Evening'

I listen to this record an unhealthy amount. This was by far my favorite record of '07. If you haven't heard them, do yourself a favor.

Jimmy Eat World: 'Big Casino'

This band should be on everyone's top 10 list. This band never disappoints.

7) Reign Supreme: 'Mother Superior'

This song is pissed, and so is the rest of 'Testing the Limits of Infinite.' This is a hardcore record that makes me feel like I felt the first time I heard terror when I was 17.

6) Saves the Day: 'Bones'

One of my favorite tracks off of 'Sound the Alarm.' Catchy guitars and melodies with an ending that brings you back to the fast punk sounds of the '90s.

5) Bad Rabbits: 'Booties'

An up-and-coming band from New York. They have a Prince & the Revolution-type sound. Check it out for sure.

4) Acceptance: 'Take Cover'

It worries me to think that a band could write a record as incredible as 'Phantoms' is and see nothing from it. This was one of the bands that really took a hit from illegal downloading. Support the bands you love. R.I.P.

3) Third Eye Blind: 'Losing a Whole Year'

This record sucked me back in recently. It's one of those records that I will love forever. If you didn't ever get into this one, give it a spin.

2) Foxy Shazam: 'Count Me Out'

This is a great band, who just had their new record come out a few days ago. The production on this record reminds me of big band records from the '80s.

1) The Script: 'Breakeven'

This song really stands out to me in comparison to other big pop songs on the radio these days. The lyrics to this song really hit home, and this guy's voice is on point.