At the 13:43 mark of this special ''Creep Show' episode with A Day to Remember's Jeremy McKinnon and Josh Woodard, the guys offered "their" guide to 'What Separates Me From You,' selecting key songs from the new album for fans to check out. McKinnon and Woodard spill the beans about track seven, 'All Signs Point to Lauderdale,' where the duo exclusively reveals the song's sketchy inspiration.

McKinnon goes more in depth about the song's genesis with Noisecreep than he has with other outlets. The guys acknowledge that they put themselves in quite an awkward and scary situation, despite the fact that the universe was telling them not to. I know, it's all very cryptic, but you have to watch the interview for some clarity. It's worth it.

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All we can say is that two girls were the catalyst -- it's always the women -- for McKinnon and Woodard ending up in a shady neighborhood in one of the worst areas of South Florida, with cars resting on blocks and lots of piercing stares being offered by the locals.

Beware of a road called Drexel, they forewarn. While McKinnon and Woodard had to wait for a ride at a gas station that could have been lifted out of 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,' at least A Day to Remember got a good song out of it.

'What Separates Me From You' is out Nov. 16.

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