The version of Slipknot we know today — with Corey Taylor on vocals — has been playing live shows since 1997. Having released six full-length studio albums throughout their career since then gives them a pretty hefty song catalog to choose from when playing shows.

But which songs have they never played live during a concert? Like, ever?

We conducted an investigation by comparing their discography to's tour statistics, and compiled a list of songs that the Knot have literally never played live according to the archival website. The findings are interesting, but not unexpected. Keep in mind that we didn't count Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.

As you can imagine, almost all of the tracks from their self-titled debut album have been played live, with the exception of one. In their early years, they obviously had fewer songs to choose from, so some of the ones from this record have been played the most frequently throughout their touring days. "(sic)," "Surfacing," "Spit it Out" and "Wait and Bleed" are their Top 4 most played ever.

Which leads us to their fifth most-played song — "People = Shit," from Iowa. Every song from their aggressive second album has been played live, except for instrumental opener "(515)." That's a rule we went with for the sake of this list, instrumental tracks don't count. Another rule? It had to have been played during an actual concert, not a radio station visit or anything of that sort.

That leaves us with Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses), All Hope Is Gone, .5: The Gray Chapter, We Are Not Your Kind and, most recently, 2022's The End, So Far — which they have played a few from. Keep scrolling to see which songs from each album have never been played live.

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