3 Pill Morning is a Minneapolis-based quartet specializing in the kind of catchy yet ballsy hard rock that is sure to find them a huge audience. In 2011 the band released an album called Take Control independently and still scored a hit with a single entitled "Loser."

3 Pill Morning are gearing up for Black Tie Love Affair, their latest album and first release for the label. Produced by Jon King (Augustana, Throwing Gravity), the record won't hit stores till July 17, but Noisecreep got its hands on the exclusive premiere of "Rain," a track from the album.

"The song is about moving on after dealing with a liar and a cheat in a relationship. Instead of sitting around depressed, you grab some cash, grab some friends, party it up and move on," 3 Pill Morning vocalist Jeff Stebbins tells Noisecreep about the song. "Some of the lyrics and concept of this song I'd had in my head for a while, but we went back in forth on the feel. Once we locked that down, the song flew. We were all stoked about it after we had the initial demo done and the final recording turned out awesome as we captured the attitude and vibe we wanted to tell this story"

Check out Noisecreep's premiere of "Rain" below.

Listen to "Rain"

Fresno Media
Fresno Media

3 Pill Morning's Black Tie Love Affair will hit stores on July 17 via eOne, A2Z, and Page 2 Music. Here is the album's track listing:

1. Rain

2. Skin

3. Nothing's Real

4. Loser

5. I Want That For You

6. So Good To Leave

7. Take Control

8. Daddy's Little Girl

9. Revolution

10. Drive By Lies