The 2022 edition of Furnace Fest is just a few weeks away and organizers are giving you plenty of lead time to start planning out your musical weekend. A wealth of bands will be playing as part of a loaded lineup taking over Birmingham, Alabama the weekend of Sept. 23-25, and now you can check out the daily lineups, set times and stage assignments.

Over the course of the weekend, bands will be playing one of three stages - the Baked Brothers Stage, the Plug Your Holes Stage or the Wheelhouse Stage, with the latter stage featuring the top-billed performers of the music weekend. Speaking of, here's your chance to catch Mastodon, Thrice and the reunited Sunny Day Real Estate leading the way. So get a closer look at the lineups and set times below.

Friday, Sept. 23

Baked Brothers Stage

8:35PM-9:30PM - Movements
7:25PM-8:15PM - Fiddlehead
6:25PM-7:05PM - Angel Dust
5:35PM-6:10PM - Drug Church
4:45PM-5:30PM - Open Hand
3:55PM-4:30PM - Belmont
3:05PM-3:40PM - '68
2:15PM-2:50PM - Games We Play
1:25PM-2PM - Doll Skin
12:40PM-1:10PM - The Darling Fire
12N-12:25PM - FauxDeep

Plug Your Holes Stage

8:50PM-9:45PM - Shadows Fall
7:45PM-8:30PM - The Acacia Strain
6:50PM-7:30PM - Stretch Arm Strong
5:55PM-6:35PM - Madball
5:05PM-5:40PM - Integrity
4:15PM-4:50PM - E. Town Concrete
3:25PM-4PM - Glasseater
2:30PM-3:10PM - Close Your Eyes
1:45PM-2:20PM - Morning Again
1PM-1:30PM - Capra
12:20PM-12:45PM - Forced Neglect

Wheelhouse Stage

9:55PM-11PM - Thrice
8:45PM-9:35PM - New Found Glory
7:35PM-8:25PM - Alexisonfire
6:30PM-7:20PM - Quicksand
5:20PM-6:15PM - Norma Jean
4:20PM-5:05PM - Anti-Flag
3:25PM-4:05PM - Midtown
2:35PM-3:10PM - Strung Out
1:45PM-2:20PM - Impending Doom
12:55PM-1:30PM - Dead to Fall
12:10PM-12:40PM - Crossfaith

2022 furnace fest friday sept. 23 set times and lineup
Furnace Fest

Saturday, Sept. 24

Baked Brothers Stage

8:35PM-9:30PM - Pedro the Lion
7:25PM-8:15PM - The Spill Canvas
6:25PM-7:05PM - Five Iron Frenzy
5:35PM-6:10PM - Squad 5-0
4:45PM-5:20PM - Hidden in Plain View
3:55PM-4:30PM - Roadside Monument
3:05PM-3:40PM - The Appleseed Cast
2:15PM-2:50PM - Stairwell
1:25PM-2PM - Watashi WA
12:40PM-1:10PM - Mock Orange
12N-12:25PM - Joy Boy

Plug Your Holes Stage

8:50PM-9:45PM - Blindside
7:45PM-8:30PM - Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
6:50PM-7:30PM - Demon Hunter
5:55PM-6:35PM - Earth Crisis
5:05PM-5:40PM - Bleeding Through
4:15PM-4:50PM - Figure Four
3:25PM-4:00PM - Misery Signals
2:35PM-3:10PM - Counterparts
1:45PM-2:20PM - The Showdown
1PM-1:30PM - Life In Your Way
12:20PM-12:45PM - Advent

Wheelhouse Stage

9:55PM-11PM - Sunny Day Real Estate
8:45PM-9:35PM - Manchester Orchestra
7:35PM-8:25PM - The Ghost Inside
6:30PM-7:20PM - Poison the Well
5:20PM-6:15PM - Elliott
4:20PM-5:05PM - Cursive
3:25PM-4:05PM - The Joy Formidable
2:35PM-3:10PM - MyChildren MyBride
1:45PM-2:20PM - Idle Threat
12:55PM-1:30PM - Stay Lost
12:10PM-12:40PM - One Opening, One Band

2022 furnace fest saturday sept. 24 lineup and set times
Furnace Fest

Sunday, Sept. 25

Baked Brothers Stage

8:35PM-9:30PM - Mom Jeans
7:25PM-8:15PM - As Friends Rust
6:25PM-7:05PM - Nothing
5:35PM-6:10PM - Slow Crush
4:45PM-5:20PM - A Wilhelm Scream
3:55PM-4:30PM - Koyo
3:05PM-3:40PM - The Higher
2:15PM-2:50PM - Soul Glo
1:25PM-2PM - Free Throw
12:40PM-1:10PM - The News Can Wait
12N-12:25PM - Just Like Heaven

Plug Your Holes Stage

8:50PM-9:45PM - American Nightmare
7:45PM-8:30PM - Sick of It All
6:50PM-7:30PM - Agnostic Front
5:55PM-6:35PM - Avail
5:05PM-5:40PM - Strike Anywhere
4:15PM-4:50PM - Stick to Your Guns
3:25PM-4PM - The Red Chord
2:35PM-3:10PM - Kublai Khan TX
1:45PM-2:20PM - Dying Wish
1PM-1:30PM - Get the Shot
12:20PM-12:45PM - Wristmeetrazor

Wheelhouse Stage

9:55PM-11PM - Mastodon
8:45PM-9:35PM - Descendents
7:35PM-8:25PM - The Story So Far
6:30PM-7:20PM - In Flames
5:20PM-6:15PM - Periphery
4:20PM-5:05PM - Lagwagon
3:25PM-4:05PM - Four Year Strong
2:35PM-3:10PM - Spiritbox
1:45PM-2:20PM - Comeback Kid
12:55PM-1:30PM - Jesus Piece
12:10PM-12:40PM - Orbit Culture

2022 furnace fest sunday, sept. 25 lineup and set times
Furnace Fest

With just a couple weeks left before the event takes place, available tickets are going fast. The VIP packages are now 90 percent sold out, You can look into tickets, upgrades and hotels by visiting the Furnace Fest website.

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