"I wasn't on the last record, but this record is much more epic," Winds of Plague keyboardist Kristen Randall told Noisecreep about her band's latest and greatest, 'The Great Stone War.'

"Epic," she continued. "That is the best word to describe our new record." While the album may sound huge, the process of completing it was a daunting task for the So-Cal band. "It was stressful to get it all done while on the road, doing pre-production on our laptops, and most of us were really sick," Randall revealed.

"I had pneumonia on that tour, and there I was, trying to keep my eyes open while writing music on my computer. It was hard but everything came together at the last minute, despite the stress. It's epic, and there is a lot of cool, crazy metal parts. There's lots of softer stuff, too. A lot of parts are different, where it is technical music theory stuff going, and then the crazy orchestra parts will blow you away. It has a nice theme going on."

While 'The Great Stone War' is the first album to feature Randall's contributions, she got a trial-and-error glimpse into the creative infrastructure of her not-so-new-band, which she joined in 2008. "I didn't write on the last record since I wasn't in the band," she said. "So it was interesting to see how the boys work together, since they've been writing for a long time. It was different than I thought it would be. Now that I know what to expect and how they work, the next record will be easier." Here's to hoping it's easier for Randall to write and record, but just as metallicious as 'The Great Stone War.'