Static-X = Wayne Static. It's his name, simple as that. The singer and guitarist, who recently detailed his not-so-nice split and arrangement/agreement with bassist Tony Campos, revealing how he paid his former bandmate for continued rights to use the name, issued a new update about the status of the band.

Last we heard, Static-X were done, courtesy of Wayne himself. But in this update, he says the band and he are one and the same, which could lead to a little fan confusion.

Additionally, Wayne also had some news for fans that are all about criticizing him and his music. If you like it, awesome. If you don't, well, go listen to something else. He essentially says he writes music for himself and no one else. He does hope fans like and appreciate where it comes from.

His Facebook post is as follows:

The thing is Static X and Wayne Static are the same thing. The music comes from the same place and the same person. A struggle that all musicians face is how to keep moving forward without losing fans. If you do the same thing people say "oh it sounds the same as their last record. I wish they'd do something new" but if you change it up then it's "they don't sound the same. I wish they'd go back to their old music." You can never please everyone at the same time. Styles, sounds, records, they all change with environmental factors such as what's going on in a writers life at the time the pieces were written. And that's the true beauty. I'm not writing a song to appease you, I'm communicating an emotion to appease what is inside of me. You can appreciate the butterfly, even in its coccoon. Lest we forget that these dusty dirty temporary homes are spun of pure silk. Change is beautiful.