Thanks to Protest the Hero's successful Indiegogo campaign, the group have been able to finish up 'Volition,' their fourth studio album, as well as team up with Razor & Tie to develop top notch collectibles for fans who pre-order the new disc.

Although many of the tiered pre-order purchases will enable fans to receive the CD, a digital download, the vinyl edition, and the requisite T-shirt and poster, Protest the Hero have stepped up their merchandise game. For $136, the band will give out a Protest the Hero Bathrobe and a flask! Unfortunately, only 50 people will receive the flask, so if you need a place to store your alcohol, you can pre-order the various bundles on the band's merchandise site.

Helping the group continue their dreams was a temporary addition to the outfit who brought years of experience to the table. Due to the departure of drummer Moe Carlson, Lamb of God member Chris Adler filled in during the 'Volition' recording process. Adler will not be part of the Protest The Hero tour however. The trek kicks off Nov. 7 in Ottawa, Ontario and the drummer for the run has not been revealed.

In other Protest the Hero news, the band updated their fans on their album artwork via Facebook. The main art for the CD (seen above to the left), designed by Jeff Jordan, features a drawing of a vulture wearing some kind of eye contraption. Fans who purchase the vinyl release will have alternate artwork which the band has yet to display.

The group also revealed the track listing for the new disc. "As you may find out, we have finally broken the streak of having 10 songs on an album," the band explained in their Facebook message. "This album also runs a little longer than anything in the past. This is either good news, or the worst news one can hear. So from all of us at PTH, it's either 'You're welcome' or 'sorry.'"

Protest the Hero, 'Volition' Track Listing

1. 'Clarity'
2. 'Drum-Head Trial'
3. 'Tilting Against Windmills'
4. 'Without Prejudice'
5. 'Yellow Teeth'
6. 'Plato's Tripartite'
7. 'A Life Embossed'
8. 'Mist'
9. 'Underbite'
10. 'Animal Bones'
11. 'Skies'