For the last time, former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul has put his foot down to squash rumors that there would ever be a Pantera reunion with Zakk Wylde filling in on guitar for the late, great Dimebag Darrell, who was Vinnie's brother and Zakk's good friend.

"How does Pantera get back together without Dimebag Darrell? That's the bottom line. It's never gonna happen," Paul declared, effectively ending that discussion, when interview by France's L'Enorme TV during Hellfest in the video above. The fact that Paul and frontman Philip Anselmo aren't on speaking terms makes the notion of a reunion just as difficult. But at the end of the day, Pantera without Dime is not Pantera at all so the point is moot.

The skinsman, currently ensconced in his post-Pantera project Hellyeah, will eventually release previously unheard material from Dime. But it has to be when he is good and ready.

"I'm so busy with Hellyeah right now, and it's really my main focus," the drummer admitted. "Whenever I find the time and I think the time is right, I'll definitely find a way to put it out and get it out for people to hear, because, definitely, my brother still has a lot of great works that people haven't heard, and I definitely want people to hear it." All in due time. At least we know that Dime recordings will be eventually making their way to our ears.

Paul also spoke about the late Jeff Hanneman, Slayer's beloved guitarist who passed away in early May. "We all miss Jeff," Paul said. "Jeff was a great friend and we had some very good times with him. I just wish the Slayer boys the best. And hopefully Jeff is in a better place."