There's nothing like preparing for your new album to hit shelves while recovering from an appendectomy. But that's just what Thousand Foot Krutch vocalist Trevor McNevan is doing, as 'Welcome to the Masquerade' was released this week!

"I had been feeling a little off for a few days, so a few hours before I was supposed to board a flight to play a show, I went for a routine blood test," McNevan told Noisecreep about his recent physical and medical ordeal. "Within two hours, they had tested my blood, taken a CT scan and sent me into emergency surgery to have my appendix removed! It was so unexpected. They caught it just in time!"

Turns out, had the singer flown as planned, the pressure inside the plane would have pushed his already aching appendix to the point of bursting, which could have been fatal. But the vocalist puts things in perspective, saying, "Unfortunately, we had to miss a show, but I was back at it the next weekend. I had to pretty much be carried on and off the stage. It's funny, when your adrenaline hits, you can almost endure anything. Then the minute the show's over, you collapse. The surgery and recovery weren't the best days I've ever had and I don't recommend it, but my wife says I told some great stories when the pain meds kicked in ... I said something about men from the blue world!"

McNevan's appendix is out and Thousand Foot Krutch's new record is in! The band will launch its fall tour next week, as well.