Canadian Christian rockers Thousand Foot Krutch have been making their joyful rock 'n' roll noise for 15 years. The band will release its first-ever live CD/DVD, 'Live at the Masquerade,' on June 7th via Tooth & Nail Records, capturing its live energy on record for the first time.

"Being able to translate what we do on a record live has always been a priority to us," vocalist Trevor McNevan recently told Noisecreep. "It's an important part of who we are as a band, and people who have only listen to the [studio albums] are only seeing half the picture. The energy is everything live, and we're so excited to be able to share a piece of that with everyone at home."

The set was recorded on May 28th, 2010 inside Rexall Place Arena in Edmonton, which is where hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and his Edmonton Oilers did most of their damage in the '80s. The band performed in front of 20,000 fans at YC, which is Canada's largest Christian youth event. The set list includes songs from 'Welcome to the Masquerade,' such as 'Bring Me to Life,' 'Forward Motion,' 'Fire it Up' and 'Already Home' alongside catalog hits and fan-faves such as 'Rawkfist,' 'Move,' 'Falls Apart' and 'Puppet.'

'We've wanted to shoot a live DVD/CD for a long time, and this is the first, but not the last," McNevan said. "We've had an incredible few years touring 'Welcome to the Masquerade,' and feel so blessed and honored to have been able to share it with so many. God is so good. We're at home writing for the new album, and a new chapter we're very excited about. Thank you for your support and prayers. Ssee you all again soon!"

In other Thousand Foot Krutch news, the band will release the Fan Edition of their last album, 'Welcome to the Masquerade,' this coming fall. The Fan Edition will include three new songs and exclusive packaging. Fans can actively participate in the release by uploading photos of themselves wearing the TFK mask, which comes as part of the pre-order for the 'Live at the Masquerade' CD/DVD combo. Go here for more info.

Watch Thousand Foot Krutch's 'Move' video