Miami Beach's hardcore sons Thick as Blood have a new video, 'All or Nothing' -- the second from the band's sophomore album 'Embrace.' In the band's previous video the focus was a house party scene showing of the bright colors of the Florida scene as they mash into the bark and bite of the metallic leaning band. Guitarist Randy Gonzalez told Noisecreep the band had no intentions to repeat what they did before, this time they wanted to put the focus on an almost documentary capture of the band on tour. "We already did a concept video so we wanted to do something a little more real that shows the intensity of our live show," says Gonzalez. "We defiantly feel it captures everything we bring with our live show."

Most live videos start off with the fans in an explosion of stage dives and an ocean of pit stylings; all the ways to make sure that makes it to film Thick as Blood avoided made sure to avoid. "I know some bands that will play a song over and over when they do live videos, but we used one camera and most of the nights we didn't even mention we were filming a video," Gonzalez pointed out. "Any band can shoot a concept video and fool the audience into thinking they have a following, but a live video you can't force a crowd to be into you."


To get such an honest look at the band the director came with the band on a week-long stretch of the Mosh Lives Tour II late last year and filmed the band on stage at The Masquerade in Atlanta, The Ottobar in Baltimore and the Crocodile Rock Cafe in Allentown, Pa.

"We wanted to ad in the tour highlights so kids could get an idea of how we are backstage and on the way to shows," Gonzalez added admitting that the band is always looking to show the joking side of band to fans. "We don't want anyone to think we're too serious. We want them to have the idea that they could come hang out with us and have a good time and we're not going to blow them off."