Miami is mostly famous for its glitzy nightlife and sun-drenched beaches, but if you're looking for a local band that mirrors that kind of vibe in their music, you should probably stay away from Thick As Blood. Since forming in 2004, the Miami-based group have been dishing out their no-nonsense metallic brand of hardcore on two full-lengths and countless tours with the likes of Every Time I Die, Emmure and Terror.

Just this month, it was announced that Thick As Blood had signed a deal with Rise Records. The quartet is currently working with Nick Jett of Terror who is producing their new album at The Sunset Lodge in Los Angeles. Noisecreep reached out to frontman Gino Vento and asked him to take part in our 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series. As you'll see below, Vento loved his rap just as much as the heavier stuff growing up.

E. 1999 Eternal, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (1995)


"Alright, let's take it back first album on my five albums that changed my life list is E. 1999 Eternal by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. This album really takes me back to being a kid, I just moved to Miami, Fla. from Queens, N.Y. Didn't know anyone, made friends with this kid Carlos Ramirez who I'm still friends with today and he showed me this record and we would just bump it nonstop."

All Eyez on Me, 2Pac (1996)


"Next on my list is All Eyez on Me by the one and only 2Pac. For those of you that know me, you know how much of a 2Pac fan I am. This album for me was pretty much about rebellion, my father would always bump classic rock and metal and I was always the type to go against the grain and I hated it! I was such a little shit, I remember just rapping in front of the stereo [laughs]. Now I'm in a band. It's funny how things turn out, huh?"

The Last in Line, Dio (1984)


"Number three is Dio, motherfucker! The Last in Line was one of those records my dad would always bump and although I hated rock at the time, this album always caught my attention. Everything about it the album art was so badass and it had such awesome riffs on it. Now I actually enjoy listening to my dad's records with him."

Three Dollar Bill, Yall$, Limp Bizkit (1997)


"Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ was exactly what I wanted to hear around the time of its release. All I bumped was rap, but I slowly started to get into rock and you know mainstream stuff, but this had the best of both worlds. "Wow, he raps? This is tight!" [laughs]. That's what I said to myself. Again going back to the going against the grain thing, the kids I grew up with didn't listen to any rock music whatsoever so they hated it and that made me like it more."

Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire, Hatebreed (1997)


"And now, my last pick for the five albums that changed my life. I have to go with Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire by Hatebreed. Once getting into rock and metal music I just wanted to find more aggressive bands, then I discovered Hatebreed and HOLY SHIT! This was the hardest, most badass album I had ever heard up to date. This shit was pissed off. Hatebreed being one of my favorite bands plays a huge influence on me and especially with everything I do with Thick As Blood today."

Thick As Blood's third album will be released later this year via Rise Records. Check out a demo of one of the new tracks below.

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