The RenderingArizona's the Rendering just signed on to the Authentik Artists roster, and their debut release, 'The Protector' EP, is out June 6. The three-headed dog battling the snake seen on the release's cover was created by 19-year-old artist Edgil Pagaduan. "We didn't really give him any specifics at all for this art," Rendering vocalist Erik Van Acker told Noisecreep. "We just told him that the CD was called 'Protector,' and a few weeks later the art arrived and we were so stoked. He is an incredible artist and a very awesome dude."

Pagaduan is a native of Sydney, Australia, and despite his youth, he has five years of hard experience in the art world. Besides selling non-commissioned art, he has done designs for bands like Vegas in Ruins, Resist the Thought and In the Midst of Lions.

"Well, the story behind the art is the guys' new CD is called 'Protector,'" Pagaduan told Noisecreep. "So I drew Cerberus, the three-headed dog who protects hell in Greek mythology. What really inspired it was me watching Hercules at my friend Martee's house one night and the idea clicking in my head!"

The Rendering are planning an August tour to support 'Protector.'