Thank God

Former members of hipster-leaning metal bands Guyana Punch Line and Antischism have formed Thank God. Based in Columbia, S.C., the band doles out spastic, art-damaged, brain-confusing post-hardcore without the pretense that is often implicit in those very hyphenated descriptors. Noisecreep is proud to exclusively premiere the song 'Chicken Dance,' from the band's forthcoming 'Ice/Age' album, due out on Exotic Fever on July 20. This is the type of music Mike Patton would dig, because it follows no rules and is all over the metallic map.

"'Chicken Dance' was the first song that we wrote for what would turned out to be our debut record, 'Ice/Age,'" drummer Troy Thames told Noisecreep, providing some insight on the song's evolution. "Our guitarist Kevin came in with this riff that made absolutely no sense! He put his capo on the 12th fret of his guitar and started with this riff. His two JCM 800 Marshalls were screaming out this sound that felt like you were spinning in a funnel cloud! We all started putting our ideas to it."

Listen to 'Chicken Dance'

While Thames' assessment is quite technical and non-instrument playing fans might not quite get what he means, it was the band's vocalist who came up with a layman's assessment of the song. "Henry showed up for practice after we had finished the rough idea, and the first words he said when we played it for him was 'F---, that sounds like the Chicken Dance!' It stuck. It also got us very excited for the direction of what would become 'Ice/Age,'" Thames said.

Thank God will be touring with An Albatross in July.