Swedish power metal vets Tad Morose are on their way back with their first new album in over a decade. The band is teaming with Noisecreep to deliver the video for the first new song off their 'Revenant' album titled 'Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls.'

The clip is primarily a performance piece, with the band playing inside what appears to be a darkened cathedral with only the gothic-designed windows providing any light. Frontman Ronny Hemlin, who joined the group in 2008, gets a chance to show off his powerful vocal prowess on the track, while there are also extended shots of Krunt Andersson and Kenneth Jonsson delivering some wicked guitar licks.

Though not as visibly prominent in the clip, drummer Peter Moren's rapid fire beats and Tommi Karppanen's killer low end can definitely be felt in the song. Speaking about the video, the group stated, "Warning! This video contains hidden messages and artifacts from the dark side. Feast your eyes!!" Knowing that, this is a clip that definitely needs multiple viewings.

'Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls' can be found on 'Revenant,' the band's first studio album since 2003. The disc, which was recorded at the Thrash Mansion in Bollnäs, Sweden, drops on Nov. 20 through Despotz Records and CD pre-orders are being taken here. Fans can also purchase a bundle package at this location.