Soundgarden had their issues with Segway scooters in the 'By Crooked Steps' video, but for their 'Halfway There' clip, they're opting for a fast-moving mode of transportation -- a manned spaceship.

The promo that just arrived online focuses on an astronaut speeding through space as the world around him (and perhaps inside him) is reflected on the shield of his helmet.

As the video rolls on, it becomes clear that this is not just an adventure into the unknown of outer space, the video is also a journey for the man inside the suit who is reflecting on the events of his life as the reality of what's real and what's in his head begins to blur. Will our central character survive this increasingly speedy trip through his life? We'll leave that for you to watch and interpret.

'Halfway There' is featured on Soundgarden's 'King Animal' album. At present, the band has limited their activity to pursue outside projects after spending a majority of the year on tour. But rest assured, there will be more Soundgarden on the horizon.