Soundgarden got back together, played shows, released a new studio album 'King Animal' and all was right with the world, since the grunge giants of the '90s earned revered status among hard rockers and left a void when they split. While they are taking some time off the road as frontman Chris Cornell embarks on a solo acoustic trek, the singer promised that more albums are in the band's future! So don't fret.

Now that you've breathed a collective sigh of relief, here's what Cornell told GMI Rock. "You know, I think that the overall attitude about keeping it going and treating it, in a sense, the way that we wanna treat it to keep it going, that attitude seems to be really good," Cornell said. "I mean, there's nothing stopping us from continuing to make records, that's for sure, and continuing to play shows. We had a great experience … and since we've come back together, everything has been kind of that way."

Cornell also spoke about the internal relations in the band, suggesting things are good and the collaborative chemistry is still there.

He continued, "There hasn't really been any of the kind of tension, specifically surrounding peripheral stuff, and I think it was as simple as us making the conscious decision to not be influenced by anything other than us four wanting to do it and not putting a business version of a timeline on it."

Translation? Things are healthy among the members of Soundgarden. They have desire to continue to create and they will work on new music on their clock and with no pressures. So be patient. Good music is on its way ... just on their timetable.