"Shooting videos is always a fun time, and I think we really did a great job of capturing the feel of the song on camera," says Sean Danielsen, guitarist and singer for Smile Empty Soul of their new video for 'Don't Ever Leave.'

"The concept for the video is loosely based on this story 'On the run from everything but each other' that was in the L.A. Times," Danielsen further explains. The story, written by Christopher Goffard, is about a pair of star-crossed lovers: teenage junkies, both runaways, naturally troubled who love to jump freights. The female antihero scrawled the lyrics of Smile Empty Soul's "Nowhere Kids" on her notebooks while still in school.

The tale doesn't end happily – and Smile Empty Soul's new video gives a nod in that direction. Still, even with the not-so-overtly happy tone, Danielsen thinks fans will be pleased. "Working with real actors brought a whole new dimension to our video, and Sean Faris was a blast to hang with as well. The fact that he won an MTV Movie Award for 'Best Fight Scene' [for the movie 'Never Back Down'] is pretty cool, too. We can't wait for our fans to see it, because they're going to love it."


Sonny Marler directed 'Don't Ever Leave,' and the song is featured on the album 'Consciousness.'