There has been some chatter on many different gear forums claiming that most of the Marshall 4x12 cabinets in Slayer guitarist Kerry King’s wall of amps are empty, and only one or two of the cabinets actually work. We here at Noisecreep aren’t making any such claims. We know of one particular cabinet King wouldn't leave empty, though he wouldn’t fill it with Celestion speakers, either. 

This Marshall refrigerator would more than likely be full of cold beer, and we don’t have a problem with that at all. In the video, the guitarist gets a first look at Marshall’s fridge and gives it the official Kerry King stamp of approval. He said he’ll be getting one to for his home to match his one-of-a-kind Marshall bar.

The refrigerator comes with all sorts of cool features. With 4.4 cubic feet of space, it should keep plenty of beer cold for band practice. The top shelf includes a freezer that could be perfect for chilling those bottles of Jagermeister that King loves so much. The refrigerator, modeled after the legendary Marshall JCM800 amplifier, also has a front control panel, complete with authentic Marshall parts used in their amplifiers. It even has control knobs that go to 11. The front boasts the same black fret cloth and white piping found on Marshall cabinets.

According to Marshall’s website, the refrigerator retails for $399.99. That price even includes shipping. And right now, Marshall is running a contest. Buying a Marshall refrigerator now gives buyers a chance to win an autographed Alex Lifeson Gibson Les Paul worth $8,000.

This isn’t the first beverage-related endorsement King’s given. He added his name to the list of celebrities starring in a commercial for Jagermeister.