Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Welcome to 6-6-13, a long way away from 6-6-06, the inaugural International Day of Slayer. Fans commandeered the date back in 2006 to celebrate their favorite band and seven years later the celebration continues. To mark the date, Slayer guitarist Kerry King has recorded a new video for the fans in which he addresses a couple of topics.

King gets a little emotional when addressing the subject of late guitarist Jeff Hanneman, explaining, "We're here in Germany, which Jeff would love by the way. He's totally in our hearts because he always cherished coming to Germany and here we are on the International Day of Slayer."

He went on to add, "We're out on tour, our first tour since Jeff's passing, so that's tough. But me, Tom, Gary and Paul are out here carving the next legendary, monumental thing that is bound to happen on this tour."

In addition to it being the International Day of Slayer, King also raised a toast to frontman Tom Araya, who is celebrating his 52nd birthday today. Watch King's video message to fans below.

Watch Slayer's Kerry King Discuss the International Day of Slayer