The Noisecreep gang loves it when bands talk smack. Of course, it's better when the bands on both sides of the smack-talking are recognizable metal icons, and not just some tight jeans-rockin' dudes with Peppermint Patty haircuts and band names that are ten verbs long. So when we spotted this story online today, our Cheshire Cat-like grin crept across our faces ... because it involves Dave Lombardo of Slayer talking smack about Metallica's Lars Ulrich.

Both Dave and Lars pound the kit for two of thrash's big four. But it seems Lombardo's got an even bigger ego than we thought ... and perhaps even bigger than Lars' ego. See, in a recent 'in-depth interview' with Lombardo, Slayer biographer Joel McIver discusses Lombardo's brief stint behind the kit for Metallica at 2004's Download Festival, and Lombardo lays into Ulrich.

"Yeah. Show 'em how it's done!," Dave's quoted as saying. "No disrespect to Lars, because Lars is great and he's a very nice guy, but he needs to spend a week at my house and we need to sit down and play. I could show him -- 'No, Lars, like this!' ... 'Let's chill, let's relax, have some coffee and let's play!'" Lombardo then had himself a good laugh.

Then, he targets the almighty Cannibal Corpse, when asked about fans' speculation that Slayer might be taking more of a death metal route following the inclusion of blastbeats on 'Supremist' from 2006's 'Christ Illusion.'

"It's what the riff demanded. See, that's my thing -- I can't close the door on other music. I expose myself to this stuff to stay on top and to let people know, 'Hey, I'm aware of what's going on!' Just because I don't play it, doesn't mean I'm not aware of it. I'll throw in little tidbits here and there. For example, I've been listening to all this jungle music. To me, it's like England's rap. It's very cool. I love that music -- I really enjoy it because it's fast, and it moves."

He is then asked about his opinion of the Corpse. "I've heard it. Does it impress me? No, because too much is over-redundant. I can't tolerate it, it's just [hums series of machine-like blasts] ... there's no feeling."