Slash has entered the movie business arena as he penned the score and produced the horror film 'Nothing Left to Fear.' It's the first movie from Slash's production company Slasher Films, and it opens in theaters Friday, Oct. 8. Although scoring gives Slash a different music canvas, it's the musician's lifelong movie love which inspired his cinematic foray.

"As a longtime fan of the horror genre, I want to produce films that are in an older tradition of the genre," said Slash. "That is to say, films that leave more to one's imagination, that are psychologically scary and character-driven, and what scares you is more cerebral than superficial. Slasher Films is my vehicle to realize that aim, and 'Nothing Left to Fear' is the first film with more to come."

Based on the legend that Stull, Kansas is actually one of the seven gates of hell, the movie centers on a pastor ('Revenge's' James Tupper) who moves into a seemingly peaceful town. Unfortunately the town isn't close to being pitch perfect suburbia, as sacrificing humans, as the trailer suggests, is just one of the evil goings on in the family's neighborhood.

Slash is releasing the soundtrack through, as he believes this decision will give the album a more personal touch than other digital retailers. Fans who are expecting a guitar driven work on the piece may be disappointed, as the project's orchestral feel gave the musician a bit more creative room to expand his melodic visions.

The video clip below details Slash's decision to partner up with and he also discusses a few prize items fans may receive after purchasing the soundtrack.

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