As anticipation builds for the March 27 release of Shinedown's 'Amaryllis,' their first album of new material since 2008's wildly successful 'The Sound of Madness,' the rockers have been generous enough to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at rehearsals for their headlining slot on the 2012 Avalanche tour. The video finds Shinedown in candid spirits as they discuss the themes that new album 'Amaryllis' touches on, and shows them rocking out in their rehearsal space.

"Shinedown has grown and has taken on an entity of its own. It's its own living breathing element. It has a heartbeat and I really think it has blood flowing through it. It will tell [us] when it's not happy. I don't think that Shinedown really started to come into its own until the last record, 'The Sound of Madness.' In a natural progression we grow as human beings. It's been crazy to think about the fact that it's been eight years and the band's been around almost 12 years. It's kind of crazy." -- Shinedown

Watch Shinedown Tour Rehearsal Video

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Shinedown's 'Amaryllis' will hit stores on March 27 and is available for pre-order here.

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