Sepultura are now entering that period between the recording of an album and the set-up period before the disc is released. In a new diary update via the website, the band confirm that they've officially finished recording sessions on the forthcoming release.

According to the posting, the band spent approximately 40 days in the studio with producer Ross Robinson in his Venice, Calif. recording studio and they're ready to turn the record over to sound engineer Steve Evetts, who will mix and master the recording.

With the final note played, the band has returned home to Brazil, where they are immediately hitting the road for the remainder of July and into late August. At present the disc is expected to tentatively arrive in October, giving the band plenty of time to build the anticipation for the new album.

The group is already generating some buzz for the disc based upon one of their guest performers. Shortly after his estrangement from Slayer, Sepultura reached out to drummer Dave Lombardo, who makes a guest appearance on the disc. On the track in question, Lombardo and the band's regular drummer Eloy Casagrande both appear on the cut.

"We just have to thank Mr. Lombardo and his family for this opportunity," said the band in a statement. "Thank you Dave, we will never forget this. It's a real honor to have you on the album." Video footage of the jam session with Lombardo can be seen below.

Watch Footage of Dave Lombardo Jamming With Sepultura's Eloy Casagrande