Guitar Center and DIRECTV will feature Seether in the fifth of seven new episodes of the award-winning music series 'Guitar Center Sessions' this Saturday, Jan. 14. The series features exclusive performances and intimate, enlightening conversations conducted by revered musical tastemaker Nic Harcourt.

An exclusive clip of Seether's performance of 'Remedy' from the episode can be seen below.

In the episode, the South African melodic rockers talk to host Nic Harcourt about how they're thankful for the hard times that eventually led to success, how the band is really the "chaos and fun of three guys making noise" and how every Seether album has one song that literally helped to save lead singer Shaun Morgan's life.

Watch Seether's 'Remedy (Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV)' Video

"Some bands have to leave their hometown to find success, Seether literally had to leave their home continent," says Harcourt. "Faced with a musical landscape in South Africa that made it nearly impossible to sustain a living as a working musician, Seether chose to slog around the U.S. for years working hard for a break. That determination, in the face of various obstacles, paid off in spades as the band heads into their thirteenth year of a very successful career. This is exactly the type of musical journey we want to dig into on Guitar Center Sessions."

During the episode, Seether blast through a series of hits, including 'Remedy,' 'Fake It,' 'Broken' and 'Country Song.'

The episode premieres Saturday, Jan. 14 at 9:00PM ET/PT in 2D hi-definition on DIRECTV'S Audience Network (channel 239) and in 3D on DIRECTV'S n3D™ powered by Panasonic.