It's been a back-and-forth over the past week as Sebastian Bach claimed that he was asked to join Motley Crue in the '90s only to have Nikki Sixx publicly denounce those claims as something that never happened.

It all started innocently enough with Bach answering a fan on twitter who asked if he was ever considered to sing for Motley Crue during the period that the band had split with Vince Neil. His response to the question was, "Not considered, asked." Bach went on to add that he turned down the opportunity, feeling that Skid Row was the better option at the time.

After the story made the rounds, Nikki Sixx spoke out on his radio show about the story, stating, "I'm just gonna say right now that is absolutely not true." Bach went on to refute Sixx's statement claiming that Sixx's memory may be foggy and that he actually rehearsed with the band during that period. After a Twitter exchange in which Sixx suggested that Bach was needing attention to sell his upcoming book, Bach posted an old video clip with Sixx actually discussing the fact that Motley Crue had indeed rehearsed with Bach at one point.

In the video, although Sixx does discuss rehearsing with Bach there is no confirmation that he was indeed asked to join the band. So, with both sides offering their takes on the situation, we ask which musician you actually believe. Was Sebastian Bach offered a spot in Motley Crue after Vince Neil's split with the band? Or do you think Bach is exaggerating a jam session to tease his upcoming book? Vote in the Readers Poll below: