Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe is a man of such strong character, which is evident in the short film 'Prague: The Devil Is the Details,' which he shot during his time in the Czech Republic.

Many of us may have cursed the Czech Republic and/or our fate if we found ourselves accused of manslaughter and incarcerated in a foreign country, as the singer was. But Blythe has owned the situation, growing and learning from it. For him, the experience was not all for naught.

He essentially endured a 'Locked Up Abroad' scenario and he faced the charges like a man and was acquitted. He has continued to share his love for the city of Prague and never forgets the victim, Daniel Nosek, who died after sustaining a head injury at a May 2010 Lamb of God show.

Blythe posted the video on his Tumblr, dubbed "Randonesia," and you can watch it in full. It's a stark clip, just under five minutes in length. It captures the splendor of the city in black and white, and his own up-in-the-air fate.

Below is his posting, where he explains the images of mean-faced marionettes and his intention. Since it was filmed during the trial, there was no verdict-related bias.

This is a movie I made in Prague during my trial. I filmed the footage with a Canon EOS 60D, edited it with Final Cut Pro X, and wrote the music using Reason. I wanted to release a slightly different version of the film right before my judgement was rendered by the court (the very last shot in this version was not there until after I was pronounced innocent).

My idea was to show my mind set through film and music during the process of my trial, and have a more ambiguous ending heading into my final day in court.

I did not know what was going to happen to me, only that I felt I was doing the right thing by being there. Working in a creative capacity during the trial helped me to remain calm- it is what I know how to do, so I wanted to share it with people. I showed the clip to my lawyer and he advised against releasing it until after the trial was over, thinking the authorities might not understand what I was trying to say with the movie. It is all over now, so here is my poor attempt to try and create art in a time of great personal uncertainty.

Note- the Devil plays an important part in Czech fairy tales, and marionettes are a bit of Czech folk culture I came to love while I was there- the marionette hangs in my study now. The Devil is different in Czech fairy tales though, to my understanding- the puppet is representative of me, the way I viewed myself, the way I was viewed by society at different times- all sorts of things. It is not representative of evil just wanted to clarify that."

It's interesting how inspired by local culture he was. He also ends the video with "Rest in Peace, Daniel." He always showed love towards the victim, before, during and after the trial.