Bands are exploring new avenues to distribute and help finance their albums, and Protest the Hero are among the acts leading the charge with their successful Indiegogo campaign. Thanks to their crowd funding efforts, the group will release an exclusive album to their funders as well as standard version this fall.

Platforms such as Indiegogo are not just fiscally sound ventures for bands, but also aid in the creative process. "We had the pleasure of recording an album with budgets and deadlines created by ourselves and we think project benefited the world over because of that," said the band. "We can't thank our dedicated contributors enough for putting us in the driver seat."

Consisting of vocalist Rody Walker, bass player Arif Miradolbaghi, and guitarists Luke Hoskin and Tim Millar, the outfit have released four albums to date and are grizzled road vets. In support of their yet to be named album, the group will embark on a worldwide tour early next year. Drummer Moe Carlson left the Canadian-based band over the past year to further his education, but Lamb of God's Chris Adler filled in to help record the album.

In an interview with AUX TV, Walker talked about Adler's contribution to the new music. "He's coming from such a different spot than us," said the singer. "We come to heavy metal through punk rock. It must have been strange for him playing some punk beats, and some of the punk beats he plays in a heavy metal way. This may come out being one of our more heavy sounding records, or more metal-sounding record."

Protest the Hero's last effort was the 2011 Vagrant release 'Scurrilous.' This time out, the new record will come out in Canada through Sony Music and internationally via Spinefarm.