The case is finally and fully closed for Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, as his manslaughter acquittal has been upheld by the High Court in the Czech Republic.
The singer was acquitted of manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic in March of this year after being arrested and accused of causing the death of a fan named Daniel Nosek, 19. The teen had sustained a brain injury and died after a May 2010 LoG show.

Blythe, who had no foreknowledge of Nosek's death, was taken into custody last summer after arriving in the country on tour. He was accused of causing Nosek's death by forcibly removing him from the stage during the 2010 concert.

He spent several months in jail and was eventually released on bail, vowing to return to the country to stand trial and to clear his name, of which he did both.

Blythe was eventually acquitted, and the Czech Republic's High Court in Prague upheld the "not guilty" verdict today (June 5).

The State Attorney had immediately appealed the verdict, which was handed down by a three judge panel at the time. The decision regarding the upholding of the acquittal is final, according to Blabbermouth's sources.

Through it all, Blythe maintained that he was not at fault. Even though he stared down a possible 10-year sentence, with prosecutors recommending a five-year sentence if convicted, the singer always took care to mention and remember the victim. He was also vocal about his sadness over Nosek's death and the pain the teen's family endured.

Thankfully, Blythe can put this ordeal behind him and hopefully Nosek can rest in peace while his family works on achieving closure.