You can't really argue with the Prince of Darkness naming his newest album, 'Scream,' as one of his favorite metal releases of the year. When Ozzy Osbourne released his yearly list (in no order), his album was the first he mentioned.

The first single from 'Scream,' aptly titled 'Let Me Hear You Scream,' was just nominated for a Grammy in the Best Hard Rock Performance category, so it's safe to say the record will make quite a few 2010 best-of lists.

As a nod of solidarity his former guitarist, Zakk Wylde gets the thumbs up with Black Label Society's 'Order of the Black' album, as well as his newest lead axe man Gus G's band Firewind for their epic album 'Days of Defiance.'

For Osbourne, there are no rules in making a list. So naming an album that technically isn't out yet, like Motörhead's 'The World is Yours,' is perfectly fine. It's safe to say he snagged a copy of this long ago. Fellow old-school brethren Rob Halford and AC/DC also make the cut.

Rounding out Osbourne's best-of-the-best are Korn, Pantera's 'Cowboys from Hell' reissue, Slash and Lamb of God's 'Hourglass' box set.

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