If there was ever an anti-drug cautionary tale, it's this story from Ozzy Osbourne. According to Blabbermouth, Osbourne said he still feels after effects from LSD that he took all the way back in the Black Sabbath era. That's a long time ago, so for him to have lingering, post-LSD feelings so many years later should certainly deter kids from trying the psychoactive drug.

"I call them my 'wobblers,'" Osbourne said about the post-use effects. "In a flash, every little problem freaks me out and becomes the end of the world." The singer even offered his own little PSA about taking LSD, saying, "If you keep taking that s---, it's going to bite you in the balls."

Wobblers, bitten balls, paranoia? Sounds like reason enough to pass on the acid.

Watch Ozzy Osbourne's 'Let Me Hear You Scream' Video

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