If Friday's performances of the brand new tunes 'Find My Way' and 'Copy of A' are an indication of the tone behind the upcoming album 'Hesitation Marks,' Nine Inch Nails may serve up their most haunting and melodic entry since their classic 1994 release 'The Downward Spiral.' Dressed in a sleveless black shirt to show off his muscular guns, Trent Reznor and company captivated their fans at the Fuji Rock Festival in Naeba, Japan.

Eschewing an elaborate stage show during the 'Copy of A' performance (see above), Nine Inch Nails were a collection of shadowed silhouettes, letting the hypnotic flow and catchy chorus of the song mesmerize the crowd. Reznor's sparse yet compelling visual aesthetic, which was, according to his 'New York Times' interview, inspired by the Talking Heads' 'Stop Making Sense' tour, reached its fevered pitch as the song transitioned into 'Sanctified.'

A full sampling of Reznor's tunes from the show reveals a near perfect synthesis of the musician's more melodic material and his aurally cerebral explorations. 'Hesitation Marks' is set for a Sept. 3 release.

Thanks to YouTube user, mikezak4, the full set list, as well as the video of NIN's Fuji Rock Festival performance, have been released. The set list can be seen below the video:

Watch Nine Inch Nails' 2013 Fuji Rock Festival Performance

Nine Inch Nails' Fuji Rock Festival Set List:

1. 'Copy of A'
2. 'Sanctified'
3. 'Came Back Haunted'
4. '1,000,000'
5. 'March of the Pigs'
6. 'Piggy'
7. 'Reptile'
8. 'Terrible Lie'
9. 'Closer'
10. 'Gave Up'
11. 'Help Me I Am in Hell'
12. 'Me, I'm Not'
13. 'Find My Way'
14. 'The Way Out Is Through'
15. 'Wish'
16. 'Survivalism'
17. 'The Good Soldier'
18. 'Only'
19. 'The Hand That Feeds'
20. 'Head Like a Hole'
21. 'Hurt'