Socially conscious deathcore stars-to-be Molotov Solution wrapped up the Chug Lyfe tour with Dr. Acula, Monsters and I Declare War this summer. Now they'll be putting more miles on their tour vehicle as part of Suicide Silence's upcoming Time to Bleed Tour, where they will play in the second of five slots.

"I'd have to say probably the amount of potential fans we get to meet and play in front of as well as watching all the amazing bands tear it up every night," guitarist Robbie Pina told Noisecreep while discussing his band's overwhelming anticipation of their forthcoming trek.

Pina -- who also enjoys drawing and painting, and who claims he can shotgun a beer faster than you -- also has fond memories of the Molotov Solution's stint on the Chug Lyfe tour, recalling that "possibly the silliest is when I bought some disposable panties from some random truck stop. I got our singer Nick and the drummer from Dr. Acula to put them on, and they were walking around outside the venue strutting their 'cash and prizes.' I am really surprised no one went to jail for that."

At least this next tour will provide a respite from the heat, since 2010 was one of the hottest summers on record. "Each season definitely has its ups and downs," Pina said. "Touring in the fall can provide nice weather, but then again it can almost produce some nasty blizzards! In summer, you do not usually deal with that, but the heat can make you want to pass out while on and off stage! Also mosquitoes are the worst insect to ever be spawned! I prefer spring. It's very little and melted snow, and it's not quite hot yet and barely any 'skeeters."

Molotov Solution's 'The Harbinger' is out now via Metal Blade. The guitarist said, "Pick up a copy, read the lyrics and decide what you want to do in life." The band is also planning to follow up 'The Harbinger' shortly, so stay tuned.