"We've been going non-stop for the last year with writing, recording and touring," Molotov Solution guitarist Robbie Pina tells Noisecreep. He and his metal-in-crime cohorts will be releasing 'Insurrection,' their third album on Oct. 25th and he's thrilled to finally share it with the public.

"We worked Will Putney (Suicide Silence, Four Year Strong) at The Machine Shop in New Jersey, but by the time we even started, we had the songs fine-tuned. We toured all the way up to the start day of the album sessions. We also did extensive pre-production, so that helped us save a lot of time once we met with Will," says Pina.

Thematically speaking, 'Insurrection' follows an adapt-or-die kind of mindset. "In terms of the album's lyrics, we wanted to promote the idea of self-empowerment. Things like educating yourself and taking control of your life. These are things that are talked about all the time, but there's never enough urgency. So we're saying, "Let's do this already!" We're a political band. We've been writing songs like this for years, but a lot of kids don't get it. Nick [Arthur, vocals] and I are getting a bit jaded by the reaction. It's really frustrating. I'm sick of waiting. So with this album we just got more straight-forward with the lyrics so people get them right away."

'Insurrection' is Molotov Solution's first album for the Blk Heart Group and first since 2009's 'Harbinger' (Metal Blade Records). Speaking on the difference from the last album Pina says "in the past I was the main songwriter of the band but with the addition of Jake (Durrett) on drums and Richie (Gomez) on guitar, those guys brought a lot of ideas to the table as well as sometimes whole songs to work with. Richie is very influenced by super lead tech-metal like The Faceless so there's that inspiration as well in his playing."

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Molotov Solution's 'Insurrection' will be out on Oct. 25th via Blk Heart Group.