In 2013, Metallica nab a million dollars a show and fly from gig to gig in private jets. Things were different back in 1983, when they were touring with Raven. A copy of the band's tour contract from that year has surfaced. The band netted $625 per show, and asked for a case of beer, a case of soda, a deli tray and a separate dressing room for each band on the trek, if possible.

If two dressing rooms were not available, one that fit 15 people was requested. That's not too much to ask for, right? [The Smoking Gun]

Justin Timberlake's new smash album The 20/20 Experience was influenced by Chris Cornell's 2009-released solo album Scream. True story! Jerome "J-Roc" Harmon said, "That's where it started - connected everything together." While in the studio working on the album, he and producer Timbaland talked about the album and hoped the similarities would be noticed. "That's exactly what we predicted, that the people who didn't get the Chris Cornell project would see the connection," Harmon said. [L.A. Times]

Former Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, who switched to play guitar in the band at one point, has auditioned to fill in as Machine Head's touring bassist on the upcoming Mayhem Fest tour. Machine Head posted an open call for applicants, and Wolbers posted his audition online. [Blabbermouth]

Letlive will release a new album via Epitaph this summer. We know this because they uploaded a photo to Facebook telling us as much. [Facebook]