With a Metallica movie comes a Metallica soundtrack. The band will release a companion collection to its forthcoming 'Metallica Through the Never' 3D film, which lands in theaters this fall. 'Metallica Through the Never (Music From the Motion Picture)' will be issued as a two-disc set, via the band's own Blackened Recordings, on Sept. 24.

The release highlights last year's career-spanning sets at both Rexall Place in Edmonton and Rogers Arena in Vancouver. At these shows, the band filmed all of the performance footage featured in the film. The digital pre-order kicks off at 12AM ET (July 30) at iTunes.

You can get your mitts on the CD and digital album on Sept. 24 at all retailers. A vinyl edition will also be created, along with a special limited number 45RPM version later in the fall.

"Let's hear it for the old school soundtrack!" said Metallica's Lars Ulrich in a statement. "Not only are we beyond psyched about our movie coming your way shortly, but the fact that we get to share the music directly in all these formats is way f---in' cool."

The film will commandeer over 300 IMAX theaters on Sept. 27, expanding into other multiplexes on Oct. 4. But make no mistake, this is not just some concert film or rock doc. It's an event. As you can see from the track listing, it's a parade of 'Tallica hits.

'Metallica Through the Never (Music From the Motion Picture)' Track Listing

Disc 1
1. 'The Ecstasy of Gold'
2. 'Creeping Death '
3. 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'
4. 'Fuel'
5. 'Ride the Lightning'
6. 'One'
7. 'The Memory Remains'
8. 'Wherever I May Roam'
9. 'Cyanide'
10. '...And Justice for All'

Disc 2
1. 'Master of Puppets'
2. 'Battery'
3. 'Nothing Else Matters'
4. 'Enter Sandman'
5. 'Hit the Lights'
6. 'Orion '

Watch the ' Metallica Through the Never' Trailer