Megadeth stripped down and performed an acoustic version of their song 'She-Wolf' during an exclusive and rare session for Vevo in New York City that also included unplugged versions of 'Symphony of Destruction' and 'Kingmaker.'

The performance took place on Aug. 7 and this black and white video finds Dave Mustaine and his cohorts perched on stools, cradling their instruments and performing the song flawlessly in this arrangement. The tension and the intensity of the song are magnified in acoustic form.

The camera angles also put you in the room with the band and the select group of attendees, capturing the performance from the back and looking up from the floor. It's cool to see the band from all those different vantage points.

This performance of the 'Cryptic Writings' track really reminded Noisecreep of the golden era of MTV's 'Unplugged,' when acoustic performances were an event. It felt like that here.

We recognized several faces in the audience at the end, including comedian and lifelong metal lover Brian Posehn.