Drugs, sex, violence, top hats: The story of Guns N' Roses has it all, and now Matt Sorum wants to bring the band's adventures to the big screen. In an interview with Vh1, Contact Music reports, the drummer said he's talked with "a couple of really big people" about writing a screenplay about the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

"The only problem with that is figuring out how to work out the music situation," he said.

That might not be the only problem. We're imagining Axl Rose's lawyers will have something to say about the project, though Sorum is certainly correct in thinking that for the movie to be successful, GNR's music needs to translate properly.

"If you look at rock and roll movies, they've never been done right," he said, citing The Doors and the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line as two of the only exceptions.

"If there was a film about Guns N' Roses, the thing about Guns N' Roses that was different than all the butt rock bands in Hollywood was that it was down and dirty and punk rock and real," Sorum said. "As much as anyone wants to say they want to try to lump it in with hair metal, it never was because it was a different kind of energy."

Sorum joined Guns in 1990, replacing Steven Adler, and stuck around until 1997. While he wasn't there for the grimy early years, he witnessed the triumphant Use Your Illusion era and subsequent dissolution of the lineup responsible for those albums. He's in a unique position to dish on the transitional years and perhaps even explain what the hell the "November Rain" video is all about.

The big question: Who should play Axl?

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