"I've been taking lessons from the teenagers on YouTube. I'm learning new songs and new styles" legendary guitarist and L.A. Guns founder Tracii Guns tells Noisecreep. "Thanks to YouTube, there's these teenagers that learn all the classic rock songs. Stuff I've wanted to learn my whole life but was too lazy to sit down and pick out. If some of those kids knew I was learning from them... they'd probably be really excited. Or pissed. I'm not sure which!"

L.A. Guns have a new album in the can – but don't expect that band name to appear anywhere on the jewel case. Explains Guns, "...the stuff we were writing with Marty [Casey, lead singer] ended up having a chemistry on its own and the stuff doesn't sound anything like L.A. Guns. In a lot of ways it sounds older than L.A. Guns. There's a lot of 70s influence in it but at the same time this is a modern sounding record."

Now here's the catch: L.A. Guns is about to hit the road, but without members Marty Casey and guitarist Alec Bauer. Tracii broke the news on Metal Sludge, explaining that Jizzy Pearl is back, thanks to scheduling conflicts with Casey and Bauer. For now, the band is jokingly calling themselves Guns n' Pearls.

No word when the new L.A. Guns record will drop.