Dear musicians: do not mess with Tracii Guns or his version of L.A. Guns.

Last week, the band played a gig in New Orleans. According to posts on Facebook and other websites, two guys in one of the opening bands allegedly decided to play a prank on Tracii and the rest of the Guns. The brilliant idea? To tag, or graffiti, the L.A. Guns equipment van.

Tracii's bodyguard and road manager Paul Markham saw the whole thing go down... and decided to intervene. Markham punched each of the taggers, and they both crumpled to the ground. In each instance, it looks like the would-be taggers were in completely passive stances before getting cold-clocked. Thanks to a security camera, we have video of the entire beat-down. Warning: it is graphic.

Watch 'Don't F--- With L.A. Guns' Video

The video was even on Tracii's Facebook page for awhile but it has since been deleted. Right now, there's no word of any possible charges stemming from the evening's activities.

This isn't the first time Tracii or his L.A. Guns have made news the past week or so. It was recently announced that L.A. Guns and indie rock icon Stephen Malkmus would release a split-single as part of Matador Records' new 7-inch single subscription series which will run during 2012. The Malkmus/L.A. Guns single is due out on Jan. 17. Malkmus and his band the Jicks will release their version of the L.A. Guns song of 'Wheels of Fire' and in turn, Tracii and his L.A. Guns will cover the Malkmus tune 'Gorgeous George.'

L.A. Guns also acquired a new singer within the last few days. Tony West of Blacklist Union replaces Dilana Robichaux. She quit the band after only two months.