With all due respect to Korn, there are few songs worse to hear right before bed than 'Get Up!' Last week, the dubstep-embracing nu-metal lifers performed the single on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' imploring millions of viewers to shuck off the covers and "shut the f--- up, get up!"

If the music -- all gut-punch guitar and electronic skronks -- didn't wake the Kimmel faithful, the visuals surely did. Korn brought seizure-inducing strobes to bolster the chorus, and when the tune was finished, the only option was to brew some coffee, throw on 'The Path of Totality' and start planning the next day's sick call to the boss.

Next month, the band embarks on a string of U.S. tour dates, meaning that folks from Detroit to San Bernardino, Calif., will have a chance to experience the audio-visual onslaught in person.