Noisecreep took a road trip to Las Vegas recently and visited the new KISS Mini Golf compound, the brainchild of Christina Vitagliano and her husband, Patrick (a major KISS fan). The couple run a number of mini golf course franchises, but the KISS-themed park is their baby. Acting on the idea of her husband, Vitagliano originally pitched the idea to KISS and they guys liked it enough to ask to see plans.

Today, those initial sketches adorn the wall of what can best be described as a KISS fantasy world; a black light, and day-glo kingdom dedicated to all things KISS. The indoor 18-hole course is a wondrous spectacle, featuring giant, bizarro black light KISS-themed sculptures, stage with life-size animatronic KISS mannequins that actually move, and an 18th hole modeled after Gene Simmons's "Demon" character face (to hit the hole requires steering the ball up his giant tongue). There is an amazing KISS gift shop (of course!) with many rare, signed items for sale. And there's even a KISS Chapel where "Las Vegas Gene" performs hundreds of wedding ceremonies in his iconic costume.

Vitagliano just made more news recently by unveiling the automobile that drummer Eric Carr was given for joining the band just after Peter Criss departed - she purchased the Porsche from Carr's sister and we have photos of it in the gallery included below.

As you'll see in our exclusive video interview with Christina and "Las Vegas Gene," it is a must visit for any fan of the hottest band in the world.

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Watch Noisecreep's KISS Mini Golf Visit

KISS by Monster Mini Golf is located at 4503 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, Nev. (Across from the Hard Rock Hotel, next to Rumor). Get more info at their official website.

KISS' 20th studio album, Monster is out now and available on iTunes and Amazon.