Judas Priest’s ‘Screaming for Vengeance’ is one of metal’s most defining albums. When the album came out in 1982, it launched Judas Priest into the mainstream and cemented the band’s position among metal nobility. To this day, it remains Priest’s best-selling album. And now songs from this iconic album will be available on Jammit, an online music instructional website.

Jammit offers musicians the option to purchase individual instrument tracks from the Jammit catalogue, along with the musical notation for that track. So someone can watch a scrolling version of the sheet music for the guitar while listening to the song. Jammit also allows users listen to the guitar track by itself, or cut it out so they can play along with the song. Musicians can also loop a certain part of the song, or slow it down.

Jammit has also partnered with Line 6 to bring custom tone patches for guitar tracks in their catalogue. Tone patches, made specifically to give guitarists the same tone found on the song they’re playing along with, can be accessed with the free Line 6 Mobile POD app and a Line 6 Mobile In. The Mobile In lets players plug their instruments into their iPhone or iPad to access Line 6’s sound-shaping software.

Jammit isn’t just for guitar players, though. Each Judas Priest song also includes separate tracks for vocals, drums and bass. Right now, the site has five songs up: ‘(Take These) Chains,’ ‘Riding on the Wind,’ ‘Bloodstone,’ ‘Pain and Pleasure,’ and ‘You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.’ Jammit will add a new Judas Priest song every week.

To find out more about Jammit, and to watch demos of Judas Priest tracks in the program, visit the Jammit website.