You probably haven't heard of Awaken Demons yet, but the Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennet and Earth Crisis' Karl Buechner have. The vocalists each lend their throats as guests on the band's forthcoming Trustkill debut, 'The Mirror,' which hit stores Aug. 25.

Bassist Nicola Lelli told Noisecreep, "The band is practicing a lot to start touring this fall to promote the brand new record. We are very proud of how the record came out and are excited that this is our first record that will have worldwide distribution and be available to hardcore and metal fans everywhere! We have a lot of plans for the future, first and foremost we [have to] tour in the U.S. a lot!"

Lelli described the music as "fast, brutal, aggressive and totally unstoppable." We heard a sneak peak of 'The Mirror,' and it's crunchy, metallic hardcore that pummels with the same type of power found in UFC champ Brock Lesnar's fists. And it features more moshable breakdowns than a mental institution!

While Awaken Demons are ready to hit the road to begin drawing converts to their lair, Lelli also said that the band's mind is pretty much blown by their recent good fortunes. He said, "Every day when I wake up, I always think, 'Damn, is this real?' For an Italian hardcore band, this is still a dream. But we know that if you work hard, if you are a good band, it doesn't matter where you live. You'll get the attention you deserve."