Blending elements of doom, thrash, American folk, and NWOBHM, Hammers of Misfortune's upcoming album, '17th Street,' will surely turn a lot of heads. Lead by guitarist-producer John Cobbett, also of Ludicra and Slough Feg, the San Francisco sextet are already one of the more critically-acclaimed outfits in the metal community, but this new record is some next level kind of stuff.

Atmospheric, crushing and hopeful, '17th Street' is guided by Cobbett's arresting guitar work and arrangements. His Hammers of Misfortune bandmates frame the songwriting with interesting instrumental flourishes and top-notch performances, completing the picture.

Our friends at Metal Blade have given Noisecreep the green light to premiere 'The Day the City Died,' a track from '17th Street.' Check it out below along with an exclusive video of Hammers of Misfortune mastermind John Cobbett explaining the story behind the track.

Listen to 'The Day the City Died' From Hammers of Misfortune

Watch John Cobbett Discuss 'The Day the City Died'

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Hammers of Misfortune's '17th Street' will hit stores on Oct. 25th via Metal Blade. Pre-order the album at this link.