If Five Finger Death Punch's 'Battleborn' feels like its ready-made for the stage, then the band's new video for the track definitely drives home that point. Opening with a sea of lighters from the audience and waving hands mirroring the ebb and flow of the guitar, the clip takes you right into the feel of the song.

Simply put, the 'Battleborn' video is to Five Finger Death Punch what 'Faithfully' is to Journey -- their ode to life on the road and the sacrifices made to keep their rock dreams alive. The video shows the two polar opposite sides of life on the road, with frontman Ivan Moody being mobbed by adoring fans in the pit one moment while curled up on a couch in solitude trying to catch a few winks the next.

As Moody sings in the song, "Been a thousand places / And shook a million hands / I don't know where I'm going / But I know just where I've been / I flown a million miles / And I rode so many more / Everyday, a castaway, a vagabond, battleborn."