'Waiting Out the Storm,' the latest album from Utah rockers Royal Bliss, might have been released on their own small label, but that doesn't mean the band aren't ready for some more mainstream attention. Produced by Brian Virture (Chevelle, Korn), songs like 'I Got This' and 'Bleed My Soul' deliver the kinds of hooks that Active Rock radio programmers go gaga for.

Royal Bliss guitarist Taylor Richards is the latest musician to take part in Noisecreep's 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series.

'II,' Led Zeppelin (1969)

"I really loved Zeppelin when I was growing up. Jimmy Page was brilliant! The guitar riffs and solos are amazing. You could just put this CD on and jam to it all the way through. My favorite tracks off the album are 'Heartbreaker' and 'Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)'"

'Are You Experienced,' The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)

"Jimi Hendrix, I think, is hands down the most influential guitarist that has ever played. This album had it all! 'Purple Haze,' 'Manic Depression,' 'Hey Joe,' 'Wind Cries Mary,' 'Fire,' 'Foxy Lady,' 'Red House' – it's amazing! I could never quite do the Hendrix guitar playing because he would play with his thumb wrapped around the neck and when I was younger my hands weren't big enough to do that. I just couldn't get them around the neck of the guitar to do it. But now I use that style all the time."

'...And Justice for All,' Metallica (1988)

"'One' was my favorite song for a while. From the simple intro, then the first solo, to the double bass drum with guitar shredding solo at the end! I remember playing this song with my friends who would skip class and go play guitar and if there were two guitars we would do this song. Metallica is what hard rock/heavy metal was to me when I was growing up learning guitar."

'Doggystyle,' Snoop Dogg (1993)

"I didn't really like hip hop or rap until I heard Snoop. I remember when Dr. Dre introduced us to him with 'The Chronic.' But this album was genius! He was so smooth, and told some great stories. The sound of that record is amazing too! From the drum sounds and bass lines to the guitars and synthesizers. I remember going to my buddy's house who had MTV and couldn't wait to see his videos, what a party!"

'Ten,' Pearl Jam (1991)

"I used to be a huge Pearl Jam fan. Actually, I still am! I loved everything about this album. Eddie's vocals are so powerful. The sound was perfect, the songs were fantastic and the guitar work was awesome. And sometimes you had no idea what Eddie was singing. His lyrics were kind of just a ramble. I loved it all."

Royal Bliss' 'Waiting Out the Storm' album is available now.